Qiskit Fall Fest 2023

Qiskit Fall Fest at RV PU College is back! Last year, we had 250 participants at the world's first high school quantum computing workshop under IBM. This year, we've returned with new and exciting changes to elevate your quantum computing experience.

Join us this year at our workshop, presented by IBM in collaboration with Quetzal. This immersive workshop promises a deep dive into the world of quantum computation and a hands-on experience with IBM Qiskit. Our curriculum design is supported by leading research institutes.

With our revamped curriculum, previous participants can also attend!

Event Date: October 15th, 2023

Workshop Highlights:

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"It was a fabulous workshop program. Came to know about a completely new aspect in the field of computer science and physics. Very inspirational as well."

"The session was incredibly well conducted! The speaker kept the session interesting all throughout the hours, keeping it informative as well as interactive."

"Loved the workshop! Got to actually sit and learn something with no compulsions involved, but with utmost curiosity!!"

Quantum Science and Engineering Education Conference

The poster "Improving Quantum Computing Education Accessibility for High Schools" featured a case study on Qiskit Fall Fest '22 at RV PU College at the Quantum Science and Engineering Education Conference (QSEEC), co-located with IEEE Quantum Week '23.

View the poster here